Which step of “caregiver stress” are you on? Are your care duties making you physically exhausted so that you are suffering from what is known as caregiver fatigue?

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What is Caregiver Fatigue?

Caregiver fatigue primarily refers to the physical exhaustion of looking after a care recipient.  However, it is part of a larger descending staircase (metaphorically speaking) where each step leads you closer to caregiver depression.  Caregiver stress can be from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual toll that the effects of caring for another has upon a caregiver.

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For an exact definition of caregiver fatigue, please read about the Caregiver Fatigue Problem. Caregiver fatigue is sometimes mistaken for Caregiver Burnout Syndrome which is a far more serious condition.  Check out our Caregiver Burnout Syndrome Course Below:

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There is also a syndrome among caregivers where they are so closely attached to their care recipients that they experience a secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, which is a knock-on effect from the emotional compassionate stresses of looking after another person whilst that person continues to deteriorate.  All their nurturing and healing hands cannot stop the effects of aging and death.  Being in the process of losing a client or loved family member through natural aging or disease will cause caregiver fatigue and caregiver burnout.  At some point, when all their resources are depleted, they may find it hard to return to work and may suffer periods of extreme depression.  If this sounds familiar to you, please read on here. This site is designed to be a soothing balm to caregivers who are experiencing caregiver fatigue, compassion fatigue, caregiver syndrome, caregiver stress and caregiver burnout.

Caregivers can be paid or unpaid persons who help other individuals with their daily life activities. The individual needing care may suffer from some impairment related to their disability, old age, mental disorder or a disease.

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Unpaid caregivers, also called ‘informal caregivers’ could be a spouse, partner, family member, neighbor or friend. They don’t usually have any medical training and have to learn all aspects of caregiving ‘on the job’ that a professional nurse would be trained in. For the first 18 months, they may be a ‘superman’ or ‘superwoman,’ with the ability to juggle all the balls in the air, in order to give the best quality of life to their care recipient. After a while, as the care recipient’s health deteriorates, it becomes harder and harder. The super-caregiver may start neglecting their own health and as a result become sick, tired, depressed and burnt out. If you are suffering from caregiver fatigue or caregiver burnout, this book will help you identify ways to get back on track.

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