Depression Now Quiz

This quiz is good to take if you experience rapid ups and downs in your feelings and want to measure it day to day.

This Quiz will rank you based upon your answers.  You may fall into any of the following categories:

Rainbow Child
Able and Capable
Suffering from the Blues
Grey Depression
Black Depression

Please note: Even though you may receive the Rainbow Child commendation at the end of the quiz, all this means is that there is an absence of negative thoughts.  In a sense, you have reached the neutral position and now it is time to start building on the positive.  This is not a quiz to determine how positive you are, nor your potential for being a happy, successful person.  If you are ready for the next step in your life and are ready to be challenged – please check out this quiz here!

The above quiz was created from questions from:

  • Beck’s Depression Inventory
  • Hamilton Depression Rating Scale
  • Zung Depression Scale
  • Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia

It is by no means a scientific evaluation of depression.

If you are worried you are suffering from depression, use this quiz as an indicator and follow the instructions at the end.

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