Are you Stressed?  Burnt Out?  Depressed? 

If you are in the service industry, working hard as a caregiver or nurse, you are probably suffering from Compassion Fatigue!
  • This is secondary trauma, which you can get just from being around your patients.
  • It affects carers much like the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • More and more caregivers and nurses are having to take time off or quit because they do not know how to deal with the problem!
Are you suffering from Compassion Fatigue?
Unfortunately, Compassion Fatigue is One-Stop away from Burnout and Depression!
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If you find yourself struggling with Compassion Fatigue, Burnout or Depression, you are not alone.  Many caregivers and nurses struggle to find the time to care for themselves and rejuvenate.  They are pulled in so many different directions.  Lack of resources and not feeling like they are achieving all they should achieve are just a few of the problems they will face.

The Solution – Better Problem Solving

Our 100+ page guide is designed to help you overcome common caregiver problems and bring organization and control back into your life!  You will learn how to cope with stress better, meaning you will be better at your job and more likely to receive that promotion, when the time comes! 
There are 10 chapters which help you deal with all the problems you might face as a caregiver.  The quizzes and exercises are created to help you identify personal problems so that you can overcome compassion fatigue and burnout.  This book could save your job, make for more pleasant interactions between your loved one, give you a stress-free life and much more…
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FEATURES: include our Quick Answers Box on page 7 of the book, Quizzes, and beautiful mandalas to color in.

Compassion Fatigue Book Quick Answers Box
Quizzes to Identify Problems


Compassion Fatigue Book Quizzes
Relax: Color In Pictures
Compassion Fatigue Book Mandalas

Check out what others are saying about this 100-page guide

“This book is an incredible resource for a population of people that are so frequently overlooked. Caregivers for the elderly and the sick do great things and sacrifice so much of their free time for the ones they love who need help. I can speak from personal experience as a caregiver when I say that the information in this book is important. The author brings up some really significant topics, like caregiver burnout, and how taking care of yourself can help you take better care of your loved one. We can’t get lost in the shuffle and forget that we are people too! I also really appreciated the hands on activities included in this book. It really helped me take the information from the page and really apply it to my life. It’s practical and sounds like common sense, but is so incredibly important for caregivers to maintain self esteem, self respect, and self care. This book will help you do just that.

“If you need to feel replenished, restore your happiness, and take a break from your life to do something for yourself, this book will help you do that. It’s essential for being the best caregiver you can be!”

– Taylor

“…this should be required reading for anyone becoming a caregiver. The book is sort of a companion when you don’t have someone with 20 years experience to be at your side to answer questions. 5 Stars

“I loved the way the book was laid out. Especially the internal guide to see page 19 or see page 42 for more info etc. because it is more beneficial to answering your questions then reading 30 pages before you do. This should be required reading for any caregiver who isn’t going to have someone by their side with 20 plus years experience. It answers the tough questions and how to deal with emotions and more importantly lets you see that you are not alone.”

– Scott

“Caregivers Guide to Wellness provides caregivers with a step-by-step guide to taking back control of their lives and, by extension, improve the care they give to their recipients. This book includes exercises, quizzes, graphs/charts, and websites to help readers evaluate their lives and get themselves back on track. These tools combined with the illustrations provide a hands-on experience for those who learn more by doing than by reading.

“One of the best things about this book is that it goes beyond how to provide better care. Yes, it gives advice on how to boost the care recipient’s self-worth and manage his/her household. However, this guide goes far beyond the caregiving environment. It helps caregivers think of ways to make themselves happy and successful, from getting organized to asking for help to self-improvement.

“Caregivers Guide to Wellness is a must-read. Whether you’re paid or just caring for a loved one, this book will bring balance and organization to your life. It’s not a definitive guide; instead, you can personalize the advice to your situation and needs. After all, we are each unique specimens with unique needs, as is each caregiver and recipient. Shouldn’t advice be unique and customizable as well?”

– Stephanie

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